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Creating Meaningful Shifts in the Food System


Join us live (or sign up to receive a notification when the recording is ready) for a conversation with Kim Bryden, Founder and CEO of Cureate, a platform that helps big and small food businesses work together to create the foundation of a new local supply system.

Kim and our founder Alison will be sitting down for a conversation that explores these core questions:

  • What do emerging food entrepreneurs need to think about now more than ever to scale?

  • What are some of the brands that are growing successfully and what about how they’re growing has been leading to their success?

  • What are all the channels that businesses need to explore beyond individual consumers to create a meaningful shift?

This is a great conversation to join in on if you’re: a rising entrepreneur in the food space, an investor in the food space, anyone who is generally interested in better understanding the food system space.

$30 to join for live conversation + receive recording and any recap materials

$15 to receive recording and any recap materials


  • 6-6:45pm conversation

  • 6:45-7:15pm open q&a and discussion

  • 7:15-7:30pm virtual intros

About Kim

Kim Bryden is the CEO & Founder of Cureate. She has worked in the food and beverage industry from government to Fortune 500 retail management, to food-tech startup. Cureate empowers emerging food and beverage business owners through educational curriculum development and 1:1 consulting services. With an ever-present mission to create more interconnected, economically vibrant communities, the team built Cureate Connect; one-stop local procurement platform where big business and institutional buyers can seamlessly find, vet and price compare product offerings from a variety of local and regional food and beverage business owners. Follow Cureate @cureateco on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to these pursuits, Kim is a radio host with Full Service Radio at The Line Hotel in Washington DC. Her show, The Tidbit, features tidbits of knowledge on starting and running a small business with a food & beverage lens! She is member of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers, Sandbox Network, Camp Campbell for Female Founders, Future Leaders, and a food film actress - yes, that's right! Watch her in "minibar by José Andrés: A Day in the Life"