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How to *Feel* the Numbers of Your Business [Virtual Group Workshop]


You’re building your business to fulfill a bigger mission, yes, but at the end of the day what makes a business a business is a transaction of a service, a good a product in exchange for money. Without money and, in time, a sustainable way to make money, you don’t have a business. That means you need to “touch” the financials and really feel that cash in and out flow to make those decisions (a very scary and emotional process). Feeling the money, getting into that spreadsheet, mapping out a budget, plotting out estimations of revenue to generate, that’s what’s going to get you in touch with the most brass tax, core part of building a business for you to move toward your goals. In this workshop, we'll address all of this and provide the guardrails for you to organize your financials to move toward your revenue aims.

$125 per participant

*These sessions are application based so that we can best match the group to gain the most value from one another based on: complementary experience, background, skill set, business type and stage, aim and focus

Who this is great for:

  • Side-hustlers thinking through plans on how to grow plan to work on their business full-time

  • Full-time owners who have been running their business without a formal plan, looking to organize their finances

  • Full-time owners planning out their next growth phase and looking to think through revenue model and strategy for that

In this session you will:

  • Learn about the different types of revenue models and ways of monetizing your business to spark ideas of what could be right for you and what you’re building

  • Clarify the most strategic items to focus on are based on where *you’re* at with your business to grow revenue

  • Get validation, context, and deeper-cross connective learnings from the other women who are right there with you, feelin’ those numbers!

  • Learn about the different types of capital that could make sense for you to seek out as you grow

Additionally you’ll get:

  • A prep worksheet to guide how to create your financial plan/revenue model

  • An excel spreadsheet template to build out your financial plan/ revenue model

  • A follow-on 30-minute 1:1 call with Alison to go deeper and refine your financial plan

  • Invitation to our private community group page to continue connecting with other Big Whisper(ers) like you

Further details:

  • This workshop is 20% instruction from Alison and 80% group conversation facilitated by Alison so that we address your most pressing needs and strike that balance of strategic knowledge sharing and group inspiration , validation and insights exchange.

  • Be prepared to get personal and vulnerable, anything we share in this workshop will be confidential with the group, the more open you can be about where you’re at and what you need, the more value you will get out of this.

  • Workshop is capped at 5 women maximum to cultivate an intimate, quality experience together.


How do you select participants?

We are looking for participants to have a desire to grow their business; a willingness to share their challenges and learn from others; to have a (mostly) clarified idea.

We are looking for women in varying industries and sectors to nurture cross-connective thinking in each session.

How do you match the group?

We match participants for each group based on complementary experience, background, skill set, business type and stage so that the group can gain the most value as possible from one another

How does it work if I am selected?

If you are selected we will send you an invitation to join with a link to process payment. We ask that you process payment within 8-hours of receiving the invitation to secure your spot.  

Where does the session take place?

We host this workshop virtually. We’ve chosen this format for max flexibility to fit with your life AND to cultivate opportunities to connect with like-minded women around the country (and sometimes around the world!).

Is there a way to stay in touch after the workshop?

Yes. All participants are invited to join our private Facebook community to stay connected and continue mind-melding together.

Feel free to reach out with any other questions!

E-mail Alison at:

Kind words from past workshops:

Thank you to Alison and all the inspiring, determined ladies in attendance! The workshop helped to refocus my priorities and reignited my entrepreneurial fire. I could definitely see myself attending (and needing) a full day workshop!”
— Cristin
I left energized, with great ideas, and met great new people.
— Sarah
Thank you, Alison for a thought provoking evening of discussion.
— Emilie
Alison, you’re so smart and gifted in this. The presentation and discussion were extremely helpful and it was really interesting to speak with other women entrepreneurs!
— Callie