Starter Toolkit

Starter Toolkit

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You’ve set the direction (for the most part). Now what? This Toolkit is designed to help you put your strategy to (digital) paper, organize priorities, and hone focus to emerge as a brand into the world. During this Experience you build your Evolving Roadmap--the tool that guides you in staying on track to reach your goals as you grow.

Tool Up

This Toolkit will help you prepare for answering these questions along the way:

  • Why am I building this business and what should I focus on doing now, in the next three months and in the next year to move toward my goals?

  • Who is the best person for me to focus on serving with what I have to offer and what is the best way to reach them as I get started?

Toolkit Experience Includes:

  • Your customized Evolving Roadmap

  • Two Tk# Reflection Question packs--one focused on helping you Clarify what to focus on as you bring your business into the world and one to help you Define and Connect with your initial customer base 

  • Packet of recommended reading and personal growth quizes curated to correspond to help you prepare mentally and emotionally at this specific phase of business building

    • What your listening style is

    • What the brand personality type is

    • What your personal habits tendencies are

  • TK frameworks for helping to:

    • Develop and craft your Vision and Mission statements

    • Define your core audience

  • Starter Operational Tool Set:

    • Financial Planner tool

    • Marketing Experiments dashboard

    • Prioritization Organizer

  • A packet of TK further optional exercises to choose from to strengthen your mindset and focus at this phase

  • 4, 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Alison to guide you through the experience, provide you with accountability along the way

  • Unlimited e-mail access to Alison for full-month

  • Starter shout out on social media 

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