Build a Sustainable and Fulfilling Business with the Principles of the Feminist Business Pyramid

The Feminist Business Pyramid by  Writing on Glass

The Feminist Business Pyramid by Writing on Glass


We dig this framework for building a sustainable and fulfilling business, developed by Stephanie Newman of Writing on Glass.

The feminist business pyramid operates on the principle that your business should, in the words of Audre Lorde, feel right to you. The foundational element is alignment, which becomes your vision and strategy. On top of that enters transparency and freedom, which allow you to build your ideal business systems and operations. Then comes creativity and empathy, as you build and sell your products and services to your ideal audience. And finally, at the top of the pyramid sits impact and abundance.

Following the steps of this feminist pyramid helps you achieve the end goal of a running a sustainable, fulfilling business.

Click here for a a complementary web workshop on how to apply the Feminist Business Pyramid to your business.