The Big Whisper is a media platform and community dedicated to helping women build thriving businesses.


+ share articles and interviews that validate, inspire and guide you on your journey to building a thriving business

+ provide tools, templates and strategy resources to help develop and grow your business.

+ host online and offline experiences to connect with like-minded, women entrepreneurs


The Big Whisper was founded in 2018 by Alison Gilbert

We’ve come a long way as women, yes, yet we still have a ways to go. Only 4% of women-owned businesses generate over $1MM in revenue per year. And of all the businesses that are generating $1MM, only 1 in 5 of those businesses are run by a woman.

Our mission at The Big Whisper is to share learnings, strategy tools and resources, and make connections to inspire, support and help the rising generation of female entrepreneurs build thriving businesses.

I created The Big Whisper because I didn’t see a media outlet out there that covered topics that resonated with me in a deeper, more substantive way as both an entrepreneur and as someone who seeks an overall fulfilled life.

I was also really frustrated by the pervasive dialogue in media about the Unicorn business, this idea that in order to thrive as a business you have be an “overnight” success, you have to have 10x overnight growth, you have to be disrupting something, you have to be VC backed, you have to have and know your path to exit.

The Big Whisper is currently operating as a newsletter, and as our community continues to grow, so will our platform. But The Big Whisper is more than a media platform and community. It’s the collective feeling, intuition, and voice that is both consciously and unconsciously guiding us to build a healthier world.

Join us.

Think big and build.

Listen to your Big Whisper.



More ABOUT Alison

Prior to building The Big Whisper, Alison founded and continues to run business strategy consultancy, Project AG.

Prior to starting her own ventures, Gilbert was hire four and COO of food media company Tasting Table where she helped grow it into a forty person, multi-million dollar business reaching a readership of millions. After that she went on to help scale media company Well+Good from their founding two person team to their first fifteen people and million dollars in revenue. To date Gilbert’s advised over sixty-five entrepreneurs working on businesses across commerce, media, tech, design and fashion on strategic growth.

Alison was born and raised near Asbury Park, NJ. She holds a BA from The George Washington University and a certification in Pastry Arts from The French Culinary Institute (now The International Culinary Center)--she makes a mean salted chocolate chip cookie (if she does say so herself).

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